Tofu: soy what do you do with it?

Robert Downey, Jr. once said that ‘tofu is the root of all evil’. Now, there was a time in my life where I probably would have agreed with him. Tofu can be the ghost of a meal. Without the right treatment, it can be tasteless, slimy, spongy and wet. So what’s the point of even going near it?

When I began shifting towards veganism, the idea of tofu was pretty uninspiring. You read about beige vegan stereotypes and tofu almost always comes into it. My culinary life was beginning to look bleak. I had to figure this soy-based bean-curd out once and for all.

It’s universally agreed upon, that in order for firm/extra-firm tofu to be anything other than bland, it has to be pressed. In other words, its  excess water must be removed. So, too lazy to squish blocks of tofu between chopping boards, kitchen roll and Atlases, Tofuture’s tofu press swept into my life.


With the help of this little plastic box, tofu has been transformed into:

  • a creamy Thai soup;
  • a ricotta-esque lasagna layer;
  • a brunch-time scramble;
  • a crispy baked bite;
  • a breakfast smoothie bowl.

In an attempt to shed light on the capabilities of the bean curd, I will embark on the tofu diary; a collection of tofu-related recipes, products, ramblings and reviews.

After all, if tofu is the canvas for flavour, the possibilities will be endless, right?


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