One of the hesitations I had about switching to a vegan diet was the idea of taking supplements;

  1. Will I always remember to take them?
  2. Will it cost too much money?
  3. Does this mean my diet is unnatural?

I read more and more about the necessity of B12 and it was clear that avoiding it was not an option. I dragged myself to Holland and Barrett.

To my surprise, taking supplements every morning has become something I rather enjoy. Maybe it’s the routine, maybe it’s the structure. Maybe it’s simply the vegan smugness that comes to us all. Whatever the reason, I am now a fully fledged supplement convert.

Below are three usual suspects I glug down every morning:

  1. Vitamin B12: the daddy of supplements.


There’s no getting around this one. With no reliable plant-based sources, B12 is found only in animal products, putting vegans at a high risk of B12 deficiency. Get on it – it’s good stuff.

2. Multivitamins & Iron: keep your blood happy.



As the plant-based source of iron (non-heme) is more difficult for the body to absorb, vegans are often vulnerable to anaemia. An iron supplement keeps blood healthy and energy levels up. As a bonus, these tablets will also throw in Vitamin A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Folic Acid, Biotin & Pantothenic Acid.

3. Zinc + C: just to be on the safe side.


Although found in plant sources, vegans are often recommended to take additional zinc as a way of supporting their immune system and bone growth. Crackin’ stuff.




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