Cambridge Vegan Market

On October 16th, my girlfriend and I hit The Cambridge Vegan Market – an immense sea of over 50 stalls. We arrived just after 12pm and the market was already buzzing, with crowds salivating over Vegan Scotch Eggs, cupcakes, ice-cream, pizza, pasties, and noodle soup. Desperate to grab lunch before everything sold out, we went for the classic children’s party food combo: pizza and cake.

I imagine the pizza was not to everyone’s taste, but I was a firm fan. The base was almost polenta-esque in texture, and although the parmesan cheese was a little on the strange side, I ended up asking for extra slices. I’m not sure whether I’d call it a pizza or a pancake/flan hybrid. Nevertheless, I’d definitely go back for more.

Gourmet Vegan’s Victoria Sponge Cake, on the other hand, was a universal crowdpleaser. Buttery, sweet, soft, moist and creamy – it slapped every vegan stereotype in the face. There are genuinely no words to describe how delicious this cake was. All I’m saying is that if you happen to stumble across Gourmet Vegan’s stall… BUY EVERYTHING!


Bow down to Gourmet Vegan.

Once we’d finished stuffing our faces, we went on to buy some little treats to take home:

1. Lettices’ Camembear Spread: Don’t knock it till you try it. I devoured the whole tub in less than a week.

2. Food! By Lizzi’s Sweet Chilli Scotch Eggless: Great concept and very tasty, but definitely could have done with more of the ‘egg’ filling.

3. Truffleface TrufflePaste: Small but mighty jars of truffle and mushroom paste. So good on crispbread!

Before leaving, we realised that we’d most of our time around the food stalls and had neglected the non-edible vegan products. We therefore decided to invest in a sleek glass 5050 Hydrate water bottle – undoubtably the most pleasing vessel to drink from.


A glass beauty.

To conclude, The Cambridge Vegan Market is the first vegan event I have ever attended and certainly won’t be the last. Bring on November’s Cambridge Vegan Fair!


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