Vegan Life Magazine: Issue 20

This week, I became a blogger for Vegan Life Magazine and Cook Vegan. This involves being sent a digital copy of each issue in return for a blog post on something within its pages. However, having read Vegan Life from cover to cover, there was no way I could pick just one thing to write about. Its pages are full of recipes, opinions, interviews, articles and recommendations – there was too much choice. I’ve therefore decided to organise these monthly posts into four sections: Comment, Discover, Reflect & Cook.


If you like what you see here, I’d 100% recommend subscribing to the magazine – it’s a must-buy for vegans everywhere!


Just when you thought the planet couldn’t be more vulnerable, a climate change skeptic, if not denier, is elected as President of the United States. It’s impossible to say exactly how this will have an effect on the planet, but it’s sure to be devastating for the Climate Change Fight. This is what makes Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Before the Flood’ so crucial. It’s a calm look at horrifying global changes, and is exactly what people need to be exposed to. However, it’s easy to doubt the effectiveness of one’s actions against climate change, especially as the world is changing at such a terrifyingly fast rate.

I’ve often thought to myself, ‘Is being vegan actually making a difference?’. I’m one person in a world of 7 billion, so how can I be making an impact? This is exactly what is raised in the Vegan Life article, ‘One person being vegan won’t help: Animals will still be killed for everyone else’. Although referring to animal cruelty, it’s an article which can certainly be read from an environmental perspective.


Small changes for the planet have never been so important – for both animal cruelty and the fight against climate change, veganism is far from futile. This article is an important read, especially for anyone doubting themselves.


Two words: vegan prawns.

I’m yet to try these but my body is so ready.


Foams at the mouth.

Welcoming all brand recommendations!


The Venn diagram between veganism and yoga is something I often think about. Of course, not every vegan practices yoga and not every yogi is vegan, but the cross-over is far from uncommon. In fact, Cambridge’s CAMYOGA opened a new vegan cafe, Stem & Glory, but a month ago. I knew there had to be a clear-cut reason for this connection, but had never got round to researching it further.

That was until I came across a Vegan Life article on Ahimsa (non-violence to all living things).


Despite being relatively new to yoga, and not knowing a great deal about it, I can appreciate that it is much more than exercise. It has strengthened my relationship with my body, improved my focus and, quite simply, helped to make me feel healthier – very much like veganism. But through this article, I can now see that much of my interest in yoga and veganism is about wanting to be kind to myself, whether through the food I eat, the exercise I do or the time I take to just stop and relax.


With so many recipes to try, I ended up going for the Mean Green Ramen… mainly an excuse to hit the local Chinese supermarket I’m obsessed with.


The ingredients were relatively cheap (I managed to get 1kg of ramen noodles for just £1.90), but a couple of the elements were difficult to find and had to be substituted. Nonetheless, it was a delicious bowl of ramen – quick, easy and comforting.

Vegan Life Magazine has been a joy to read – it’s full of new things to try, think about and discuss. Definitely check it out!


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