Cook Vegan: Issue 4

Not only will I be blogging for Vegan Life, but also for Cook Vegan Magazine:

“Cook Vegan is more than just a collection of recipes: think of it as your encyclopaedia of plant-based ingredients and techniques.”


I will be making this cover recipe ASAP. 

I will trying out at least one recipe from each issue, occasionally experimenting with those from past editions. I may also include the occasional product review, article response or top recipe pick(s).

November 2016: Issue 4

With more than 85 recipes to choose from, deciding what to have for dinner was not easy. But fancying something light, I went for the Super Healthy Cauliflower Tabbouleh. 

It was fresh, full of texture and beautifully simple to make. The only ingredient I failed to hunt down was the Gomashio salt, but I allowed myself to let that one slide.

However, it did feel more like a side dish than anything else, and so I flicked through a couple of the past issues to find something that would bulk it up. As there was an untouched block of tofu in the fridge, I decided to make a stab at an Orange and Miso-glazed Tofu recipe (Early Summer – Issue 1).


As I was missing a couple of the ingredients, I didn’t exactly manage to pull off the glaze, but it was delicious nonetheless.


I served it alongside the tabouleh and an improvised aubergine and tomato stew… I must have been experimenting with fusion cuisine. It was such a satisfying plate of food to eat, but would’ve been made better with the glaze (I’ll work on it) and maybe even some houmous and pita bread.

If you get the chance to check out this magazine, absolutely go for it – I can’t recommend it enough!


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