Protecting the Paris Agreement

If we want to avoid the most damaging effects of climate change, the global temperature rise must remain under 2°C. But with 2016 set to be the hottest year on record, we are bulldozing towards something completely irreversible.

This is what led 112 global parties to ratify the Paris Agreement, vowing to pursue 100% clean energy by no later than 2070. In the midst of a very difficult year, this should be something to celebrate. However, newly-elected Donald Trump has, yet again, managed to cut the festivities short, pledging to pull the US from the deal. If he were to succeed, the Paris Agreement would undoubtably experience major setbacks, failing to fulfil its ambitious objectives on time.


But it’s not all bleak. Luckily, for the climate movement and the planet, Trump’s potential campaign may not be as simple as it sounds. There are a handful of reasons, highlighted here by James Murray, which would/could prevent Trump from damaging the Paris Agreement with one tiny-handed swoop. However, for the majority of us, these obstacles are completely out of our control. The most effective thing we can do is to be active and vocal in our support for the deal, whether that be through social media, discussion, poetry, blogging, YouTube or art.

And so, I present this petition. It calls on the world leaders to “move ahead with plans to bring carbon emissions to zero through 100% clean energy, and to provide funding to the most vulnerable, regardless of the direction the new US President takes.” With nearly 870,000 signatures, let’s whack it up to 1 million! Sign here now!



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