Vegan Life: Issue 21

Wheel out the mulled wine and whack on some carols – it’s the festive issue of Vegan Life.


As I’ll be celebrating my first ever vegan Christmas this year, I was pretty excited about this issue. It’s pages are packed full of gift ideas, festive recipes and product discoveries. If you’re looking for Christmassy inspiration, this issue is absolutely the one to get.

Comment & Reflect

Despite being in no position to have children, my outrageous broodiness often takes control and forces me to daydream about it. As odd as it sounds, this has recently involved me imaging how I might feed my children. Being relatively new to veganism and having read numerous articles slating parents for raising their children on a vegan diet, I began to question some things. Well, that was until I came across the Vegan Life article: ‘Vegan diets are dangerous for children’.


At primary school, we were taught about ‘healthy eating’ and the Food Group Pyramid. Within this, meat, fish, eggs, milk & dairy products were essential. However, now vegan, I’ve never felt healthier and happier without such food groups. If a vegan diet provides all the right nutrients, why does it have to be so controversial when it comes to children?


The article did comfort me, but I still couldn’t ignore the fact that veganism can be difficult socially. I’ve had my fair share of defensive comments, questions and tricky moments whilst eating out with big groups of friends, so if I occasionally struggle with veganism socially, surely a child would? For example, if a vegan child were to go to a party where there weren’t many vegan food options, how would they be able to confront that? Perhaps this will change in time, but I think parents and teachers should aim to educate themselves on all dietary choices and requirements.

I know this is something I don’t need to worry about yet, but I think it’s an important topic which should be raised more often.




I’m usually pretty on it with accidentally vegan products, but I had absolutely no idea about these five!

Sriracha mayo: My Sriracha addiction is going to reach new heights.
Peach Bellini: Who wouldn’t want a cheeky glass of a festive morning?
Cinnamon swirls: Mother may I
Gravy & Crisps: There’s something not quite right about beef gravy and bacon crisps being vegan, but I’m not one to complain.


The weekend of the 16th December will be one dedicated to vegan Christmas recipes (all taken from Vegan Life & Cook Vegan). My girlfriend and I will be trying out canapés, starters, mains, sides, desserts and drinks, so stay tuned!


But just to whet you’re appetite, here are a couple of the recipes to expect…


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