1847 review

Aptly named after the founding year of the world’s first Vegetarian Society, Manchester’s 1847 offers an exciting and inspired take on plant-based cuisine.

The interior was minimalist, with leafless thin-barked trees hanging from the ceiling and tables of cool grey marble. Everything was sleek, and I began to worry that the food wouldn’t be as kick-ass as I hoped.

Despite this sleek Scandinavian style, the food was vibrant, warm & clearly full of love. The portions were far from small and we rolled out of the restaurant feeling full, sleepy and content.

We started off the evening sharing the garlic and lemon marinated olives and the chargrilled pitta with shakshuka houmous.

As these dishes were under “snacks”, we thought they’d be relatively small, but we couldn’t have been more wrong! They could easily have been shared between four (this obviously didn’t stop us scoffing the lot), so be warned if you end up going alone.

The houmous was the Godfather of the dip world – more like a salsa-houmous hybrid, it was packed full of spices & texture. Basically, don’t miss out on this beauty.

For my main course, I went for the chickpea flatbread topped with cavolo nero, mushroom, toasted quinoa, yogurt & chilli.

As you can see from the photo above, this dish was mammoth, and was quite easily one of the best vegan dishes I’ve ever tasted (bold, I know). The flatbread was fluffy and light, the mushroom, yoghurt & chilli combination cooked to savoury perfection and the tower of greens was… well… legendary.

My girlfriend opted for two small plates: sage and lentil croquettes, celeriac puree, pear and winter leaves & caramelised aubergin, roasted red pepper and root veg crisp.

We both agreed that the croquettes were superior to the aubergine and we could’ve easily wolfed down a whole basket of them.

The aubergine on the other hand, although still delicious, wasn’t as mind-blowing as the other dishes. If you’re vegan, you’ll know how often aubergine appears on a menu, and I just think that transforming it into something truly exciting is a very difficult task.


With restaurants in Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton & Bristol, 1847 is not one to avoid. If you’re looking for a slightly upmarket veggie/vegan restaurant where you’re bound to get your money’s worth, look no further.

5/5 all round. 


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