Vegan Life Magazine: Issue 22

It’s New Year’s Day. Your head is seconds away from combusting and your tongue could be used to sand down concrete. You clamber into the shower and scrub away each layer of shame and regret, because today is the first day of the rest of your life, and you won’t let that unnecessary round of tequila stop you from keeping your over-ambitious NY resolutions:

  1. Exercise more
  2. Stop biting your nails
  3. Eat healthier
  4. Save more money
  5. Drink less alcohol

“2017 will be my year because I’m a determined, strong-willed, indepen… yeh please could I get the sweet potato vegan burger with extra guacamole, curly fries and a large glass of house red?” *nibbles nails*. You watch as the sparkling, saint-like, 2017 you glides from the restaurant and slips down a nearby drain. Yep. You blew it. Zero regrets.

I wasn’t planning on setting myself any resolutions this year for exactly this reason. Either I break them within the first 3 hours of setting them or get so mind-numbingly bored that I voluntarily back down. That said, on reading this issue of Vegan Life, I’ve decided to try and follow one effective, albeit tricky, rule – be kind to yourself.


This came about through Laura Thomas’ article on happy bodies, which introduces the four-step anti fad toolkit:

  1. Intuitive eating (listening to you body and not allowing diet restrictions stop you from having a good time)
  2. Mindful eating (taking the time to slow down your eating, appreciate and notice  what’s on your plate and, most importantly, enjoying it)
  3. Chrononutrition (‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’)
  4. Body positivity (self-explanatory but arguably the hardest of all the steps)

In the month where detoxes, diets and gym memberships feast on each and every post-Christmas insecurity, it was refreshing to see a magazine promote body positivity and confidence. It’s the type of article you wish your teenage-self had been aware of before social media sunk its hot lion teeth into your self esteem. Ah well, better late than never!

The rest of the issue was just as joyous, and I particularly enjoyed rediscovering my love of the ludicrous species that is the seahorse:


And, of course, where would Vegan Life be if it wasn’t for their recipes?!

Just look at them. Art. Pure art.

So, whether you’ve been experimenting with Veganuary or have been vegan for as long as peas have been green, then check out this issue before its swiped off the shelves… treat yo self.


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