Comptoir Libanais review

With 17 branches across the U.K., 10 of them in London, Comptoir Libanais isn’t exactly holding back, and fair enough! It’s sook-inspired setting bursts with warmth, as turquoise tables, crimson chairs and ceramic tiles of orange and green fill the room. Around the edge of the restaurant is the souk shop, where you can get your hands on anything from herb canisters to mini Tanjines – I couldn’t control myself and ended up buying two huge stoneware bowls…


The food was very vegan-friendly, with many of the non-vegan options open for tweaking. F and I ordered a selection of hot & cold mezze plates, which looked quite small at first but were incredibly filling.

IMG_2409 3.jpg

We went for the falafel, houmous, baba ghanuj, pickles, moudardara & tabbouleh.

Although we wolfed the lot, I would’ve calmed down on the level of salt (especially in the pickles, which I could hardly get through). That said, there were dishes with just the right balance of seasoning, namely the baba ghanuj and tabouleh salad:

The falafel was a bit on the dry-side, and would’ve been lost without the tahini dipping sauce and houmous (bear this in mind when ordering the falafel wrap, as it has very little to no sauce inside). Essentially, I found that everything worked better in one big go, and ended up stuffing most of it into a slice of pita bread and enjoying it all in one big bite!

I would definitely prioritise an authentic Lebanese restaurant over Comptoir Libanais, but it’s great for whenever you’re searching for a chain restaurant which will provide tasty, wholesome and healthy vegan dishes at a reasonable price.


Food: 3.5
Atmosphere: 4.5
Service: 4


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