Vegan Life: Issue 23

Brace yourselves, lads – this issue features a six page spread on burgers.


As always, there was a huge amount to write on, but I’ve finally managed to pull together some of my favourite pages from this month’s crackin’ issue. Check ’em out!

“Beer is bodacious for beauty”

I will forever look back on December 2016 as the month where prosecco was proven to possess some surprising health benefits. Suddenly, things didn’t look so bleak – we could reduce our blood pressure, improve our cognitive activity and beat oily breakouts through a bit of bubbly intoxication. Two months later and beer gets involved, declaring itself the new hero of the beauty world.


I’m certainly intrigued by this, but fear I’m too much of a beer-fan to use it on my face. If a bottle of pale ale is going anywhere, it’s going down my throat! However, if any of you fancy trying out these boozy beauty techniques, let me know how you get on – I could easily be converted.

“… the science behind greenhouse gas emissions”

It’s only one month in and 2017 has already proven itself to be a bit of a s**t-storm. The bad news keeps on coming and the urge to move into a distant commune gets stronger by the day. From gender equality to LGBT+ rights, many of the positive social advances that have been made over the last 8 years are in danger. One of these issues is the fight against climate change, which, by way of Trump, is looking pretty bleak.

We saw a huge step forward in 2016 with the Paris Agreement, where 127 parties ratified the treaty which aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, finance and adaptation from the year 2020. Since then, a climate change denier has squirmed his way into the White House, threatening much of the progress that has been made during this global fight.

*breathes deeply and avoids spewing out a Trump-induced rant*fullsizerender-3,

One way we can try and combat this environmental catastrophe is through educating ourselves on the issue itself: “Education… can be an act of resistance, and the beginning of a new progressive movement” (The Independent). Vegan Life does an amazing job of this, regularly featuring articles which examine climate change-related issues concisely and accurately. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to gain a better understanding of the topic – I’ve definitely learned more through Vegan Life than I have through intimidating textbooks and journals. Get involved!

“Vegan Edinburgh”

My love for Edinburgh was confirmed this summer when I visited it for the first time as a self-professed vegan. Named the UK’s most vegan-friendly city in 2015, it unsurprisingly provides an abundance of plant-based restaurants for the hungry vegan wanderer.


In this ‘wish you wear here’ feature, Michael Lee Donnelly recommends five of these vegan-friendly establishments: HendersonsThe Caffeine Drip, The Auld House, Nova Pizza and Juice Warrior. Having only ever checked out Hendersons (it’s so so good – go go go!), I thought I’d make my own contribution and recommend a few other Edinburgh vegan hotspots:

  1. David Bann: For class.
  2. The Baked Potato Shop: For comfort.
  3. Forest Café: For budgets.
  4. Real Foods: For groceries.
  5. Hula Juice Cafe: For dashing.
  6. Pumpkin Brown: For raw.

Essentially, Edinburgh is absolutely nailing the vegan scene and putting the rest of the country to shame – get yourself there ASAP!


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