You want a piece of me?!

From vegan hairdressing to ice-cream to body art, London is absolutely nailing veganism. Perhaps this is a result of Veganuary or simply the fact that I’ve been pissing in the water, but whatever it is, the presence of veganism across the city is greater than ever. I’ve particularly noticed this in relation to London’s vegan cake game, which is mind-alteringly strong. And so, I’ve put together a small but pleasing list of some of the best bakes I’ve come across during my time in London so far:

  1. Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie from Dark Matters


I will never find a more perfect brownie. Ever. The hunt is officially over. Saying that, I haven’t tried their other flavours… perhaps a bulk order is in store…

2. Baklava from The Turkish Deli (I think)


This was something I picked up from The Greater London Vegan Festival along with a huge back of vegan Turkish Delight. As with anything half-pastry, half-sugar, this flaky sweet treat was an absolute joy. Just avoid eating it all at once…

3. Banoffee cupcake from Fortnum & Mason


Exceeding moist.

Perfect with a cup of coffee, this cupcake was one for the sweet-toothed among us. The only issue I had was with the coconut cream frosting which was a bit on the odd side (rather like eating hardened coconut oil… yeh I’ve made that sound worse than it actually was).


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