Redemption Review

Vegan, alcohol-free, sugar-free and wheat-free, Redemption has been coined ‘London’s healthiest restaurant’. Naturally, I had my hesitations. However, settling into this sleek airy Notting Hill eatery, I soon discovered it to serve some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had the pleasure of shoving into my face.

First to arrive was the maki rolls platter – ‘maki rolls filled with red and black quinoa, avocado, enoki mushroom, sesame seeds and micro amaranth shoots’.



A joy to look at, this was one of the freshest boards of vegetarian sushi I’ve ever come across – everything looked and tasted as if it’d just been picked from the garden. However, without the soy sauce, this dish leant towards being a bit on the bland side. What it needed was a dash of wasabi and a slice of ginger to kick it up the arse. Saying that, I could’ve easily eaten three more boards…

Next, we have the dish that I would happily order on my last day on earth – miso and sesame baked aubergine with a tahini dressing, pomegranate seeds and pine kernels.

This. Was. One. Of. The. Best. Things. I. Have. Ever. Put. In. My. Mouth. Fact.


It was a perfectly balanced dish. The soft aubergine was given texture and bite from the pine kernels and pomegranate seeds, whilst the tangy miso was cut through by the warm and creamy tahini sauce. It was art on a plate.

There was no way we could’ve resisted the dessert menu, and ended up ordering a slice of banoffee pie – ‘a chewy nutty chocolate base with medjool date salted caramel, bananas and coconut cream’.


It’s amazing how much you can do without sugar. You could definitely tell that it wasn’t your average slice of banoffee pie but never would I have known that it was sugar-free. It was rich, creamy, super sweet and with the perfect base-to-filling ratio. It gave veganism a good name.


Food: 4.5/5 (knocked off points for the lack of alcohol… sometimes you want a cheeky glass of wine with a meal)
Atmosphere: 4.5
Service: 4


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