Raiding My Cupboard: Vegan Sweet Treats

Over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to accumulate a vast array of vegan treats. Here are some of my top picks… apologies for the unplanned chocolate orange theme:

1. Livia’s Kitchen’s Raw Millionaire Bites (Chocolate Orange and Almond & Raisin)

Once you start, you can’t stop. With a crumbly biscuit base and a chewy date centre, these bites are a party in your mouth. The chocolate topping could definitely be pimped up a bit, but that won’t stop me gorging on them for hours.

2. iChoc’s Almond Orange Chocolate


I am so on board with this bar. Nuts, juicy orange pieces, smooth-ass chocolate: it’s an ex-Terry’s-Chocolate Orange-lover’s wet dream.


3. Pana Chocolate’s Pineapple and Ginger


I was a big fan of Pana Chocolate even before I was vegan. From the packaging to the precise flavours, you just know that each product has to have been made with so much care. This particular bar is rich, smooth, with the tangy sweetness of pineapple and the heat of ginger. Get on it!

4. Against The Grain’s Chocolate & Orange Cookies


I’ve not had the best experience with gluten free products, but I can definitely get behind these cookies. Crumbly and perfect with coffee, they melt in your mouth. My only criticism would be their oiliness, which sticks slightly to your fingers.


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